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It was so much fun being fem!Jake. The circle lenses were sponsored by maplelens! You should check them out. ^_^ These are the Princess Mimi Apple Green lenses; they are super comfortable and have wonderful color payoff and amazing enlargement! The design of these lenses is so pretty~

Photographer: reignave 

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Admit it we were all a little bummed out that the old lady didn’t actually all that badass fighting in this scene

(Source : mishasteaparty)

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Right now, PinkyParadise has a Halloween sale!!! 💗 If you use the code “Halloween2014PearlPeony” you will get 50% off your purchase. 💗

However, the coupon code expires on October 6, so make sure you use it before then! (。・ω・。)ノ♡

These are lenses I got from PinkyParadise! They are called Geo Princess Mimi Chocolate Brown (Bambi series) lenses. These circle lenses are super comfy. The brown color is rich and vibrant, and the enlargement is amazing. If you want to get the lenses I am wearing in these photos, click!  

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few more photos of xiaorawr as fem!jake.

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 » six favorite official art of nagisa/rei ❤

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There’s still room for more…


If anyone else wants to join the RoChu Tumblr team! :D Just PM me at rochu or at my personal tumblr xiaorawr and let me know that you’re interested. 

Share the RoChu love~! <3

Also, remember you are always welcome to submit RoChu-related things to us!

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Feel free to send me asks/messages!~

(I’m really stressed out right now with academics buuuut it’s always like this so I know I can survive. If I survived last year, I can survive this year. XD In any case, I would love to hear from you. <3)

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More lovely PMMM Artwork<33

Credit goes to EK from pixiv.

Please show your support!

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Ren's sexy dance
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Seriously, arienreign always makes me look so good. I love how this photo came out! <33

Photography Credit: reignave